Check out what Om Baby is doing to help the planet and his community!

Nike says:  "Just do it"
Om Baby says:  "Just do something"

It can be overwhelming at times to know what we can do. I have listed some worthwhile things that Om Baby is doing (below). You can help too. When you buy an Om Baby book or tell a friend who buys an Om Baby book you are doing something because Om Baby is much more than just a book. Om Baby is a message, a teaching tool, a statement, a path, and a vision for the future. Om Baby is a superhero for the next generation of children which one day will be the leaders and ambassadors of this planet. We have to invest in them. "Teach them well and they will lead the way." ~The Greatest Love of All by Whitney Houston. (My favorite song of all time!)
Om Baby will not only talk about doing the "right" thing but will  lead by example. Om Baby is doing what all Om Babies can do to help this planet and the community. By supporting Om Baby and spreading the love you are doing what you can to make this a better world in which we live and thrive! 

All my love and blessings,
~The Om Baby Mama

Om Baby planted 2,300 trees and so can you! 


Stop Offshore Drilling and Demand a Clean Energy Future.

Om Baby signed the petition against  offshore drilling.
You can too, it just takes a second

Whale Like Me – The Movement

Whale Like Me is YOUR film, take it and make it your own: you will propel a movement to end commercial whaling once and for all.

It starts with getting involved now, as the film is being made: follow our progress, spread the word, give us feedback, become a producer by offering funding within your means.

The second and third phases of the movement will be revealed once we have completed principal photography – we are dying to tell you about them but success requires good timing!

We can say this: Phase Two is a lot of fun as the discovery and adventure come to you. Phase Three will tickle your sense of poetic justice and bring the end of commercial whaling within sight.

Did you know that Children's books that are made in China are destroying the Rainforest's!
I am so happy I did not have Om Baby printed in China and that I used recycled paper. Yes, Om Baby cost more to produce and it is challenging when there are so many books available that cost less. And I wonder if people realize that these cheaper books are made by the publishing giants using unethical means of production. When I read this article I am reminded that I made good decisions in the production and publication of Om Baby.

Every time you buy a "cheap book" ask yourself....
Is it "cheap" or is it "deceptively expensive" in the long run. 
Please take the time to be informed...Please read/sign this petition from Rain Forest Action Network.
Beth Marie Murray recently named RAN as a benefactor in her will, thereby ensuring RAN can continue to make a difference for the planet and future generations to come.— Beth Marie Murray

Om Baby

Om Baby Om Baby has been blessed by the divine mother Amma and Om Baby books are now on tour with Amma!! Om Baby also donated two boxes of Om Baby books to Ammas charity/mission/purpose. Amma is a humanitarian and spiritual master. You can read about Amma and find out more about her tour:
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