Media Questions & Answers


1.)  What inspired you to write Om Baby?
Om Baby was inspired by the birth of my son Octavius. When Octavius was two months old I had watched a documentary called The Secret and it motivated me to ask the question, "What next?" The very next day I received the answer. I drew my vision on paper and from that moment Om Baby was born. Practically speaking there are very few books that represent the things I believe in. Most of the characters and influences for children are not the kind of influences I want for my son. I decided that I would make the books I wanted my son to read. I believe that we all have special gifts and talents that are meant to be shared with each other. I feel it is my responsibility, path and purpose to bring Om Baby to the world and that there is a need for Om Baby for children everywhere.
2.) What does Om Mean?
 This is almost like asking the question, "What does God mean?" Everyone is going to say something different. This is what Om means to me: Om is a Sanskrit word that means "All that is." Om is the state of peacefulness and serenity that many endeavor to attain through meditation, prayer and yoga. Om is the sound and vibration of all that is and ever will be. I felt the feeling of "Om" when I had my son and he continues to teach me and remind me of this state of being. To me it is a feeling of pure love, connection, ecstatic joy, and a feeling of absolute peace and happiness. Om Baby is all about being Om. And being Om is what Om Baby is all about.
3.) Why does Om Baby only have one eye?
Om baby has only one eye because he sees the world and all beings as one. Om baby is the innocence of a new born baby and the childlike quality within us all.
 4.) How do children respond to Om Baby?
Children and babies of all ages love Om Baby. Children immediately believe that Om Baby already exists and that this is a world in which they belong to. Children really "get" who Om Baby is immediately and without hesitation love him and think he is cute. They are fascinated by the rich tapestry of colorful illustrations, whimsical landscapes and most often want to either read or look at the book over and over again. Because the text is simple early readers can practice with confidence.
 5.) How do adults respond to Om Baby?
I have found that liberal, open minded adults absolutely love Om Baby! Especially adults that do yoga, meditation, and have similar values, morals, and views as Om Baby. People that read Om Baby tend to have a big smile on their face, a twinkle in their eye, an open heart that flutters a bit, and excitement in their voice when they tell me it's about time a book like this is available. Almost always they want to buy more than one copy. One for them and a few as gifts. However, I have had some adults that feel uncomfortable that Om Baby has only one eye. I personally find it fascinating that society accepts all kinds of different monsters including one-eyed monsters that have no meaning. But as soon as morals, values, spirituality, and depth are attached to a one-eyed character, scrutiny, fear and judgment present themselves within the psyche of some adults. This to me has been so very fascinating especially since children do not have this fear. Again it goes back to the meaning of Om Baby. Om Baby is love. His one eye represents the open heart, free from fear, judgment, separation, and racism, free from ego. Om Baby sees with his heart, and with love. I think the simplicity scares some adults. I feel we have been socialized and conditioned to believe there is always a good guy and a bad guy. A right and a wrong.
 What happens if you take the bad guy away and there is only good? Only Love? This is very interesting, indeed.
 6.) Is Om Baby religious, spiritual, or both?
Om Baby is both religious and spiritual but not in a traditional old school kind of way. Om baby's "real"igion is LOVE. Om Baby respects all religions, all spiritual beliefs, and all cultures. Om Baby believes all the different beliefs are like a rainbow. All colors are different but all are valid and this diversity is what makes up the rich tapestry of life. Om Baby believes absolutely everyone and everything is one. We are all connected.
7.) What age group is Om Baby for?
Specifically, Om Baby is for early readers, age 6 and under. However Om Baby is for the child within us all. I personally believe Om Baby is for all ages.
 8.) What is Om Baby about?
Om Baby is a superhero for the planet, for love, and for global peace. Om Baby honors diversity, all religions, all paths, all cultures, all people, and believes that we are all one within our heart. Om Baby believes in community, love, peace, truth, and unity. Om Baby is more than a character in a book. Om Baby is a concept and a way of being. To be an Om Baby is to be aware that we are all connected. That we are a global community living on planet Earth and that we need to work together to create a sustainable future for generations to come. Om Babies believe in themselves, their dreams, and create the world in which they want to live.
9.) Are you planning on writing more books?
Yes! I have an Om Baby book series in my head. In fact I have already started writing my next book. I see Om Baby as a heroic character for children and the first book in the series is the vehicle in which Om Baby is being introduced to the world. There will be many books, stories, in which he is the main character! The books to follow will tell you his story, provide educational tools, and will inspire a new way of being.
10.) How would you like the reader to feel after reading Om Baby?
It is my intention for Om Baby to evoke feelings of love, connection, hope, inspiration, freedom, peace, and an empowerment to explore and believe in one's dreams. Children are the stewards for the planet and will be shaping the new generation to come. I believe it is more important than ever to have positive role models, heroes, and influences for positive change. It is my hope that Om Baby will inspire children and adults alike to be superheroes for the planet, for love, and for world peace. 
11.) How does Om Baby differ from other children's picture books?
I have found very few books that are about strong morals, values, and that are spiritual without being religious. Om Baby teaches that you can be a good person no matter what religion you are or are not. It embraces everyone and excludes no one. There are more and more books about being environmentally aware becoming available however so many of them are about recycling yet they are not printed on recycled paper. So many of them are about being green yet the printer or publisher is not a green company. This is so sad to me. Om Baby does not just talk the talk about being green, he is green. Om Baby is setting a standard that all "green books" should follow. Walk the talk!
Om Baby is printed on recycled paper using soy based inks. In the story Om Baby plants trees and in real life a tree will be planted for each Om Baby book made. I do not know of any other children's picture books that are spiritual, environmentally aware, and are about family, love, and peace. Om Baby is different from any book I have ever seen. It is creating a new paradigm of books to follow. 
12.) What do you hope children will learn from Om Baby?
I hope Om Baby will empower children to be who they are, stimulate their imagination, and give them the tools to be all that they can be. It is my hope that children will be inspired to WANT to be responsible, WANT to be good, and WANT to take care of the planet. I hope Om Baby teaches children and adults about how important love, family, and friends are.  
13.) What is your long term vision for Om Baby?
I have BIG dreams and high hopes for Om Baby! I do not see Om Baby as simply a series of books. I see there being a series of books, and visual, audio, and digital media made about Om Baby. Om Baby is an educational vehicle and tool that will be used to enlighten, educate, and inform the future stewards of planet earth. Om Baby is a superhero for the planet, for love, and for global peace. Om Baby is a new paradigm archetype/character for our children. Om Baby will be used as a tool to educate, motivate, and inspire children and adults to make the necessary changes in order to save the planet, be self sustainable, and create a world that is happy, peaceful and a beautiful place to BE.