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New Childrens Book Shares Message of Love, Truth, and Unity


SeattleWA  April 22, 2010  Om Baby LLC announces the release of Om Baby, Child of the Universe, Schamet Horsfield's first book in the forthcoming Om Baby children's book series.


Om Baby, Child of the Universe is a new children’s book from author/illustrator Schamet Horsfield.  Through colorful illustrations and inspiring prose, Om Baby reminds us of our responsibility to the earth and each other.

A beautiful, brightly colored hardcover bookOm Baby emphasizes the importance of family, friends, and community through thought provoking illustrations and simple, powerful prose.  With his single eye, Om Baby sees the world and all its beings as one, inviting meaningful conversations that will last throughout childhood and beyond.

Author Schamet Horsfield has gone to great lengths to make Om Baby, Child of the Universe as green as possible, using soy-based inks and recycled paper. In addition, Horsfield is partnering with Eco Libris, a company dedicated to the adoption of green practices in the book industry, planting a tree for each copy sold.

Om Baby is a book that will be read again and again as a valuable part of any child's development and education about caring for our environment and our fellow humans.


Om Baby makes my heart sing” says Michelle Guthrie, Yoga teacher and mother. “Finally a book to share with my daughter that embodies my most cherished values. It rings with hope and joy. It's inspiring message of love, community, and spiritual value delightfully illustrated make Om Baby Child of the Universe an instant classic. My daughter and I will treasure it for years to come.


Early reviews also include:


Om Baby is a beautiful and necessary children’s book for raising awareness of all life on the planet. Om babies are our future. They are our ambassadors of peace and harmony.

Colette Crawford founder of Seattle Holistic Center


Om Baby is a magical story of oneness and beauty. You and your child will love getting lost in the whimsical beauty of the illustrations, and the simple and pure narrative. It is a rarity to find a children's book that talks so poetically about family, love, spirituality, and peace.

Laura Sherman, Graphic Designer

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