How Om Baby Came to Be

Om Baby was inspired by the birth of my son Octavius. I quickly realized that my career as a metal smith artist would be put on hold as it required too many hours working in a studio away from home. I wanted to do something that would work well with being a new mom, something that was meaningful, and something my son would be proud of when he grew up.
I watched the documentary called "The Secret" and it inspired me to ask the question: "What next?" and the very next day I received the answer. I was nursing my son,  and I had a vision. Later on that day I drew my vision on paper and from that moment  the character Om Baby was born.

Every day when my son was sleeping I was passionately working on Om Baby illustrations. I had around 20 illustrations when I had the idea I could make a book out of them and also thought they would look cute on a onesie. My Om Baby vision grew and grew.

Octavius (my son) was born with a birthmark on his chest that looks very much like the Om symbol. The birthmark is on his chest in the same place that Om Baby wears the Om symbol on his jumpsuit. The birthmark is called a strawberry and is said to be part of the placenta that can attach to babies when they are born: there is literally a piece of mommy with baby Octavius.
I originally called the one-eyed character Oh Baby (these are my sons initials.) My dear friend Zan suggested I change it to Om Baby. As soon as Zan said "Om Baby", I knew with everything within me that this was the one-eyed character's name. The name became a union of mother and son: OM, Octavius and Mom.
There are very few children's books that represent the things I believe in. Most of the characters and influences that kids are growing up with do not represent my values. I decided that I would make the books that I was trying to find. I feel that there is a need for Om Baby for children everywhere.
I believe that we all have special gifts and talents that are meant to be shared with each other. I know that being a mother is my spiritual path and blessing. I feel it is my responsibility, path and purpose to bring Om Baby to the world and that this is my way of bringing change, healing, and hope to children, families and to the world.

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